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everyone is saying destiel destiel but i need those of you just tuning in to actually know that dean did nothing to suggest he is also gay. it was a one sided confession of gayness followed immediately by character death and going to super mega turbo hell forever apparently hi, bi here. some people tell us we're transphobic because we only liked binary genders, no in-between whatsoever, then they compare us to pans, which imo makes me uncomfy. bi people can be attracted to any gender, usually more than one (and usually two), as far as ik. also, mods, I hope the anons aren't stressing you as such, especially cinnabun. you're mainly replying to them and it's ... Alex. 21. He/him. Member of the Hopebound System. random thought but i really think we need to stop thinking of fandoms as communities. “x fandom is so nice” “x fandom is toxic” no!! fandoms are just groups of people with a shared interest. there is no reason to believe these people have anything else in common. Queerness is inherently inclusive, loving, and progressive. Queerness is political. Queerness is radical. Contents Include: Queer positivity, gender discourse, aesthetics which I feel represent my personal Queerness, and a focus on examining and recentering what it means to be Queer. epic. this is so epic. a cis person sent me a meme about how xenogenders are bad so i wrote a three paragraph response, we talked a bit, and hes probably going to read the gender accelerationist manifesto. pogchamp.

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Xenogenders are stupid and made-up nonsense some 14 year old girl on Tumblr made up because read a book on how indigenous people were Two-Sprit/3rd Gender and she took that and ran with it. All that 3rd gender stuff is specifically from that particular culture. It has no right and space to be involved with our culture and language.

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Next generation money transfers to Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay, Humo, Verve cards and to regular bank accounts. Send money now to over 90 countries around the world using...Encarded designs the finest, limited edition, collectible poker playing cards. Printed by the US and Expert Playing Card companies. For collectors and players.when bi women ask ppl not to vilify or belittle them for their attraction to men, its not bc they want to feel special or theyre 'centering men' or whatever. we are simply asking you to respect our bisexuality as a whole identitiy. we dont experience bi attraction as half attraction to women and half attraction to men, existing separately within us. our bisexuality is a full + whole attraction ...

here and queer, babey Dex, he/him, 16, white, gay trans guy / ND / bear at heart / future author of a novel series called crystalline / the prof pic is a trans bear flag fusion made by @palatteflags / pls message me ur cat(s) / don't follow if: an REG in any way, pro anorexia, a pedo/zoo/necrophile or support them, cgl/ddlg supporter, are anti agere, full heartedly anti self dx, or ship real ... kay : they/them : 23 : aquarius sun stellium, aries moon, leo rising

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