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Welcome to GlenOak High School! As we begin the second quarter, we are gaining momentum for a fantastic year. Our students are finding success in academics, arts, and athletics. creates 2 ADMs; corporations are required to establish (1) discipline committees w authority to impose range of sanctions (2) Professional T (hears appeals from the discipline committees), which is composed of entirely provincial court judges and hears appeals, had powers to confirm, alter or quash any decision. Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES) Student Growth Measures 50% Teacher Performance on Standards 50% P Pre Pre teacher nt 10 Written Report-B: Approved Vendor Assessment Formal Observation and Classroom Walkthroughs/ Informal Observations proportionate-conference Observation (both completed by May 1) d Post-conference Complete Performance Rubric This also puts more of an ownership on students to keep track of everything, make sure all notes are taken and homework done if they know they are going to be held accountable. We have a test grade at the end of each quarter. I was hard on them and had a rubric that usually covered about 50-60 pages in their notebook.

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achievement. Using the rubric for writing, the students will score 4s and 5s in all categories on at least one paper in the third year. Related to Domain(s): Planning, Preparation and Curriculum 1e Classroom Environment and Student Management Instruction and Assessment 3c Professional Responsibilities and Relationships

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Clear description of prioritized needs is provided; identified needs are clearly aligned to data sources and program goals and objectives; clear II) description of how high-c:7'-- OTES 2.0 Presentation from OFT, OEA and ODE We recently co-hosted a webinar, along with Ohio Education Association and Ohio Department of Education, to provide training designed to help teachers understand the changes to evaluation when OTES (Ohio Teacher Evaluation System) 2.0 is implemented.

Jan 17, 2016 · At the end, there I had a performance-based assessment with a rubric. There was also a final reflection paper due at the end of the project. Adapt. Flex this up or down according to grade level and skills. Relate to Content. This will work in middle and/or high school advisory, social studies, language arts, or other project-based block. Plan. OTES Presentation - Assessment Literacy Introduction (11/2015) Assessment Literacy (11/24/15) Assessment Literacy Rubric (4/8/16) Presentation Slides.

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